When trying to integrate a project in Microsoft Dynamics SL that already has resource assignments, an error message is received:

PC Message Number 1685

Warning, this project has existing resource assignments. Those without actual activity will be removed by this action. Continue Yes/No?

Yes     No



Taken from Page 16 of the Project Connector 2007 Implementation and User Guide:

"Note: Integrating an existing task deleted task assignments that do not have actuals. When you schedule tasks and assign resources to them in Office Project Professional 2007, you will create new resource assignments in Microsoft Dynamics."

This error appears when the user attempts to integrate a project in SL that already has Resource Assignments.



If the user selects 'Yes' then any assignments without actuals will be removed. Any assignments WITH actuals will flow over to project, but the actual work will not flow and the budget amount is zeroed out.

Also see page 15 of the Project Connector 2007 Implementation and User Guide: Integrating pre-existing Microsoft Dynamics project with actuals is not recommended.


More Information

To create resource assignments in Microsoft Project Professional:

  1. Open an Integrated project in Microsoft Project Professional

  2. Build a Team (if this hasn't been done previously)
    a. Tools > Build Team from Enterprise
    b. Select one or more resources from the Left and click 'Add' to add them to the project

  3. Select the task you want to assign resources to

  4. Assign the resource by selecting Tools > Assign Resources

  5. Select the resource(s) you want to assign and click the Assign button

  6. Save and Publish the project

  7. Open the Resource Assignment screen in SL

  8. Select the Project and Task you used in step 3

  9. Your resources should appear in the detail grid
    a. The estimated hours should be based on the duration of the task in Project Server
    b. The estimated cost should be based on the estimated hours * the employees rate in Employee Position / Rate Maintenance


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