Fourth Bug Fix Package for Application Update 4 for Dynamics 365 for Retail


Thishotfix contains issue fixes for the application update 4 for Microsoft Dynamics365 for Retail. This contains the combined binary and application (X++) changesfor the issue fixes.


This hotfix contains all binary and X++ changes for the application update 4 refresh release.


To see the list of features included in this monthly update, see the "What's new or changed" topic found here: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail roadmap


Refer to the following table for details about the issue fixes included in this update.


Issue Description

Fix Description

In MPOS the gift card has been issued. Once you enter the amount for this gift card and try to sell it/make a payment, the payment transaction is stocked. It happens when the store goes offline in the middle of a sale of gift card.

Unblock the transaction and allow issuing of the gift card in offline mode.

We are adding Telemetry logs to better understand the shift workflows.

This hotfix updates the telemetry logs to help figure out more about shifts workflow around switching from offline to online.



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