Start and finding your apps

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The Start menu on HoloLens is where you'll open apps and get to the HoloLens camera.

Getting to Start

Wherever you are in HoloLens, you can always get back to Start by using the bloom gesture. Usually, you'll use it once to get to Start, but sometimes you might need to use it twice.

How do I use the bloom gesture?

What's on Start?

At the top of the Start menu, you'll see status indicators for Wi-Fi, battery, and volume, plus a clock. The tiles are your pinned apps. To talk to Cortana, select her tile, or just say "Hey Cortana" from anywhere on HoloLens. At the bottom you'll find the photo and video icons, which open the camera app.

To see the rest of your apps, select All apps . To get back to Start from the All apps list, select Pinned apps .

Pin apps

Keep your favorite apps handy by pinning them to Start. In the All apps list, gaze at an app to highlight it. Tap and hold until the menu appears, then select Pin. To unpin an app, gaze at the app on Start, then tap and hold and select Unpin.

Uninstall an app

On Start or in the All apps list, gaze at the app. Tap and hold until the menu appears, then select Uninstall.