List of supported locale identifiers in Word


This article contains the current list of available locale ID (LCID) language codes.
Locale ID (LCID): A 32-bit value defined by Microsoft Windows that consists of a language ID, sort ID, and reserved bits that identify a particular language. For example, the LCID for English is 1033, and the LCID for Japanese is 1041.

More Information

The LCID language codes are used in Visual Basic for Applications, some field codes, and files that are associated with a particular language, such as Help files, proofing tools, and other Office components that are usually stored together in a numbered folder in the "Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office" folder.

NOTE: Microsoft does not provide proofing tools for all languages.
For more information, click the following article numbers to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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The following table lists the languages that are supported by Microsoft Office and their corresponding LCIDs.
Afrikaans1078 (&H436)
Albanian1052 (&H41C)
Arabic1025 (&H401)
Arabic Algeria5121 (&H1401)
Arabic Bahrain15361 (&H3C01)
Arabic Egypt3073 (&HC01)
Arabic Iraq2049 (&H801)
Arabic Jordan11265 (&H2C01)
Arabic Kuwait13313 (&H3401)
Arabic Lebanon12289 (&H3001)
Arabic Libya4097 (&H1001)
Arabic Morocco6145 (&H1801)
Arabic Oman8193 (&H2001)
Arabic Qatar16385 (&H4001)
Arabic Saudi Arabia1025 (&H401)
Arabic Syria10241 (&H2801)
Arabic Tunisia7169 (&H1C01)
Arabic U.A.E14337 (&H3801
Arabic Yemen9217 (&H2401)
Armenian1067 (&H42B)
Assamese1101 (&H44D)
Azeri Cyrillic2092 (&H82C)
Azeri Latin1068 (&H42C)
Basque1069 (&H42D)
Belgian Dutch2067 (&H813)
Belgian French2060 (&H80C)
Bengali1093 (&H445)
Portuguese (Brazil)1046 (&H416)
Bulgarian1026 (&H402)
Burmese1109 (&H455)
Byelorussian (Belarusian)1059 (&H423)
Catalan1027 (&H403)
Chinese Hong Kong SAR3076 (&HC04)
Chinese Macau SAR5124 (&H1404)
Chinese Simplified2052 (&H804)
Chinese Singapore4100 (&H1004)
Chinese Traditional1028 (&H404)
Croatian1050 (&H41A)
Czech1029 (&H405)
Danish1030 (&H406)
Dutch1043 (&H413)
English Australia3081 (&HC09)
English Belize10249 (&H2809)
English Canadian4105 (&H1009)
English Caribbean9225 (&H2409)
English Ireland6153 (&H1809)
English Jamaica8201 (&H2009)
English New Zealand5129 (&H1409)
English Philippines13321 (&H3409)
English South Africa7177 (&H1C09)
English Trinidad11273 (&H2C09)
English U.K.2057 (&H809)
English U.S.1033 (&H409)
English Zimbabwe12297 (&H3009)
Estonian1061 (&H425)
Faeroese1080 (&H438)
Farsi1065 (&H429)
Finnish1035 (&H40B)
French1036 (&H40C)
French Cameroon11276 (&H2C0C)
French Canadian3084 (&HC0C)
French Cote d'Ivoire12300 (&H300C)
French Luxembourg5132 (&H140C)
French Mali13324 (&H340C)
French Monaco6156 (&H180C)
French Reunion8204 (&H200C)
French Senegal10252 (&H280C)
French West Indies7180 (&H1C0C)
French Congo (DRC)9228 (&H240C)
Frisian Netherlands1122 (&H462)
Gaelic Ireland2108 (&H83C)
Gaelic Scotland1084 (&H43C)
Galician1110 (&H456)
Georgian1079 (&H437)
German1031 (&H407)
German Austria3079 (&HC07)
German Liechtenstein5127 (&H1407)
German Luxembourg4103 (&H1007)
Greek1032 (&H408)
Gujarati1095 (&H447)
Hebrew1037 (&H40D)
Hindi1081 (&H439)
Hungarian1038 (&H40E)
Icelandic1039 (&H40F)
Indonesian1057 (&H421)
Italian1040 (&H410)
Japanese1041 (&H411)
Kannada1099 (&H44B)
Kashmiri1120 (&H460)
Kazakh1087 (&H43F)
Khmer1107 (&H453)
Kirghiz1088 (&H440)
Konkani1111 (&H457)
Korean1042 (&H412)
Lao1108 (&H454)
Latvian1062 (&H426)
Lithuanian1063 (&H427)
FYRO Macedonian1071 (&H42F)
Malayalam1100 (&H44C)
Malay Brunei Darussalam2110 (&H83E)
Malaysian1086 (&H43E)
Maltese1082 (&H43A)
Manipuri1112 (&H458)
Marathi1102 (&H44E)
Mongolian1104 (&H450)
Nepali1121 (&H461)
Norwegian Bokmol1044 (&H414)
Norwegian Nynorsk2068 (&H814)
Oriya1096 (&H448)
Polish1045 (&H415)
Portuguese2070 (&H816)
Punjabi1094 (&H446)
Rhaeto-Romanic1047 (&H417)
Romanian1048 (&H418)
Romanian Moldova2072 (&H818)
Russian1049 (&H419)
Russian Moldova2073 (&H819)
Sami Lappish1083 (&H43B)
Sanskrit1103 (&H44F)
Serbian Cyrillic3098 (&HC1A)
Serbian Latin2074 (&H81A)
Sesotho1072 (&H430)
Sindhi1113 (&H459)
Slovak1051 (&H41B)
Slovenian1060 (&H424)
Sorbian1070 (&H42E)
Spanish (Traditional)1034 (&H40A)
Spanish Argentina11274 (&H2C0A)
Spanish Bolivia16394 (&H400A)
Spanish Chile13322 (&H340A)
Spanish Colombia9226 (&H240A)
Spanish Costa Rica5130 (&H140A)
Spanish Dominican Republic7178 (&H1C0A)
Spanish Ecuador12298 (&H300A)
Spanish El Salvador17418 (&H440A)
Spanish Guatemala4106 (&H100A)
Spanish Honduras18442 (&H480A)
Spanish Nicaragua19466 (&H4C0A)
Spanish Panama6154 (&H180A)
Spanish Paraguay15370 (H3C0A)
Spanish Peru10250 (&H280A)
Spanish Puerto Rico20490 (&H500A)
Spanish Spain (Modern Sort)3082 (&HC0A)
Spanish Uruguay14346 (&H380A)
Spanish Venezuela8202 (&H200A)
Sutu1072 (&H430)
Swahili1089 (&H441)
Swedish1053 (&H41D)
Swedish Finland2077 (&H81D)
Swiss French4108 (&H100C)
Swiss German2055 (&H807)
Swiss Italian2064 (&H810)
Tajik1064 (&H428)
Tamil1097 (&H449)
Tatar1092 (&H444)
Telugu1098 (&H44A)
Thai1054 (&H41E)
Tibetan1105 (&H451)
Tsonga1073 (&H431)
Tswana1074 (&H432)
Turkish1055 (&H41F)
Turkmen1090 (&H442)
Ukrainian1058 (&H422)
Urdu1056 (&H420)
Uzbek Cyrillic2115 (&H843)
Uzbek Latin1091 (&H443)
Venda1075 (&H433)
Vietnamese1066 (&H42A)
Welsh1106 (&H452)
Xhosa1076 (&H434)
Zulu1077 (&H435)
In addition to the individual locale IDs, you can also specify the following locale IDs:
Language (None)               0
No Proofing1024 (&H400)    


For more information about the locale IDs that are available in Microsoft Word 2000, please see the wdLanguageID class in the Object Browser. To view the Object Browser, click Object Browser on the View menu in the Visual Basic Editor.

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