"MAPI_E_NETWORK_ERROR (0x80040115)" error message when a client application connects to an Exchange Server 2010 server or an Exchange Server 2007 server


Assume that a client application uses the MAPICDO version 1.2.1 to connect to a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 server or a Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 server, and that the version of Exchange MAPI/CDO download is 6.5.8165. In this situation, the client application stops working, and you receive the following error message:



This issue occurs because the Emsmdb32.dll file uses an incorrect function. This causes a remote procedure call (RPC) from the client application to use an invalid connection context. Therefore, the client application stops working.


To resolve this issue, download and then install the latest version of Exchange MAPI/CDO download (6.5.8244.0) from the following Microsoft website:  


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.

More Information

To identify this issue, you can use a network traffic capturing utility, such as Network Monitor 3.3 or WireShark, to record the network activity between the client application and the server that is running Exchange Server. Then, you can filter the frames by the MSRPC.Orphaned || MSRPC.Fault.Status == 0x1c00001a command in Network Monitor or by the dcerpc.pkt_type == 19 or dceprc.cn_status == 0x1c00001a command in WireShark. After you complete the filtering, you should see errors occurring at the time that the error occurred in the client application. 

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