Microsoft Office SharePoint compatibility with Single Label Domains, Disjointed Namespaces, and Discontiguous Namespaces


This article describes the compatibility of Microsoft Office SharePoint with Single Label Domains, Disjoint Namespaces, and Discontiguous Namespaces.

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Single Label Domains

For a description of Single Label Domains, see the Single Label Domains topic in the Microsoft DNS Namespace Planning Solution Center.

Disjoint Namespaces

For a description of Disjoint Namespaces, see the Disjoint Namespaces topic in the Microsoft DNS Namespace Planning Solution Center.

Discontiguous Namespaces

For a description of Discontiguous Namespaces, also known as a non-contiguous namespaces, see the Discontiguous Namespaces topic in the Microsoft DNS Namespace Planning Solution Center.

Microsoft Office SharePoint

Single Label Domains

Because the use of SLDs is not a recommended practice, SharePoint products are not extensively tested in this scenario. Therefore, there may be incompatibilities when SharePoint products are implemented in an SLD environment: this includes single label domains or single label forests, in either the SharePoint server's domain or the SharePoint end user's domain. Although most features will work, it is known that the Profile Import feature will not work against an SLD.

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 has the known following incompatibilities:

  • Cannot import users from Active Directory containers that contain space in a single label domain.
  • Configuring user profile import in a single label domain environment produces an error.
Affected SharePoint products include the following:

Disjoint Namespaces

When you install the FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint in a disjointed network environment, the Post Setup Configuration of FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint fails. A supported hotfix is available from Microsoft. For more information see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article

Applies to:

This article also applies to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016.

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