Set up a small business network


You can network your businesses computers configuring them to share access to the Internet, printers and other devices. This guide will help you decide if you should set up a wired, wireless, or hybrid network and then walk you through setting it up. Once you decide on the layout and pick the tools you need to do the job it’s just a matter of hooking everything up and tweaking a few settings here and there. It is easier than you might think when you have the steps to follow.

Set up a network

Use this guide for more information on:
  • How to set up a network
  • How to set up a wireless network
  • How to set up a wired network
  • The different wired network options
  • The different wireless network options
  • General information on router options

The link below will navigate your web browser to a guided tutorial which will help you solve your problem

Start guided walkthrough.

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