Authorized Devices Reseller FAQ


This article answers frequently asked questions for Authorized Devices Reseller (ADRs) about the Microsoft Device Partner Program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I cannot sign in to the Microsoft Device Partner Program Resource site by using my logon associated with my MPN ID.

A: Check whether your MPN ID is the account that is associated with being an ADR. If your MPN ID is confirmed to be associated with ADR, check whether your Microsoft account is associated with the correct MPN membership account.  If your Microsoft account is not associated with your organization’s MPN membership, visit this link to find out how to associate your account to your company’s MPN ID. Otherwise please contact your local Regional Service Center to confirm whether your account has an “ADR” designation. 

Q: The legal name listed on my profile on the Microsoft Device Partner Resource Site is incorrect.  How do I update this?

A: Contact your RSC to update your partner profile information. The Microsoft Device site pulls this information from your profile on MPN.

Q: I tried to sign in to the Readiness App but do not know what my PCN number is.

A: You can find your PCN number on the Surface Partner Resource Site. Sign in with your Microsoft account associated with your MPN membership, and refer to step 2. If trouble persists when you try to sign in to the readiness app, please contact the Regional Operations Center associated with your region, listed below.Q: Where can I download for the Readiness App?

A: Download the Readiness App for Windows 8 and 8.1 from the Windows Store.
Download the Readiness App for Windows XP/Vista/7 from the Microsoft Download Center.

Q: How do I find out whether my location is an official Authorized Devices Reseller?

A: Contact your Regional Service Center, where an agent will be able to look up the partner list.

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