Technical Deep Dive on Hybrid Cloud Management & Security

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Receive in-depth training on the services and features of Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS), allowing you to expand your practice by building and deploying OMS solutions for customers. The cloud-based IT management solution of OMS allows your customers to manage and protect their on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Since OMS is implemented as a cloud-based service, you can help customers deploy this solution quickly, with minimal investment in infrastructure services. Register Today

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OMS builds on the deep management experience Microsoft has to streamline cloud management across any hybrid cloud, whether Azure or AWS, Windows Server or Linux, VMware or OpenStack. Delivered from the cloud, OMS is a modern management platform that provides visibility and custom insights over an entire hybrid cloud. Take advantage of the new OMS to help customers consolidate management of numerous physical, virtual, and cloud-based environments as well as extend the automation engine to build industry-specific packaged IP. 



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