FP98: List of FrontPage Components That Require Server Extensions

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Some FrontPage components will not work correctly if the FrontPage ServerExtensions are not installed on the server. This article lists theFrontPage components that require FrontPage Server Extensions.
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The following FrontPage components rely on the FrontPage Server Extensionsat browse-time:
  • Confirmation Field
  • Discussion Form Handler
  • FrontPage created server-side Image Maps
  • Hit Counter
  • Registration Form Handler
  • Save Results Form Handler
  • Scheduled Image
  • Scheduled Include Page Component
  • Search Form
NOTE: If the FrontPage Server Extensions are not installed on the serverand you use one of the FrontPage components listed above, an HTTP 404 errorwill appear in the Web browser when a customer opens the Web page.

The following design-time FrontPage components do not rely on the FrontPageServer Extensions:
  • Comment
  • HTML Markup
  • Include Page Component
  • Substitution Component
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