"Send updates" options for attendees are not displayed in Outlook on the web

This article discusses a change in behavior in Outlook on the web when a meeting organizer adds users to or removes users from an existing meeting request.
When a meeting organizer updates a meeting by adding or removing an attendee, the following notifications are no longer displayed in Outlook on the web:

  • Send updates only to added or deleted attendees
  • Send updates to all attendees
These options were removed from Outlook on the web, and the logic was moved to the server. Therefore, the server makes the decision about whether to send the update to all attendees or only to attendees that are added or deleted.

Note This change affects only Outlook on the web. These notifications are displayed in Microsoft Outlook when a meeting organizer adds or removes attendees from an existing meeting request.

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Microsoft Exchange Online, Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise Edition, Exchange Server 2016 Standard Edition

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