How to back up Small Business Server 2011

Applies to: Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard


Windows Small Business Server 2011 backup is integrated into the Small Business Server console. Small Business Server 2011 backup uses a custom interface that invokes the native Windows Server Backup utility. 

The Small Business Server 2011 backup wizard can back up the following items:
  • Files and folders
  • Volumes
  • System state
  • Applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and so on

How to configure Small Business Server backup

  1. In Small Business Server 2011, open the Windows Small Business Server Standard Console, and then click the Backup and Server Storage tab. From the right-side pane, click Configure server backup.
  2. When you see the Getting Started wizard, click Next.
  3. Specify the backup destination drive. To do this, select an internal or external backup drive, and then click Next.

    Note You can back up to any external storage drive that supports USB 2.0 or IEEE 1394. 

    To back up to an internal hard disk, click Show all valid internal and external backup destinations.

    When you select a backup drive, consider the following: 
    • Select a drive that contains sufficient space to store your data.
    • The backup destination drive should be larger than the partition or partitions that you want to back up. (That is, if you want to back up a 500 gigabyte [GB] partition that contains 100 GB of data, the backup destination must be larger than 500 GB).
    • The external storage drive should be empty before you configure the backup. The Configure Server Backup wizard formats the backup destination drive.

  4. Label the destination drive or drives by using the Configure Server Backup wizard, and then click Next.
  5. In the wizard, select the drive or drives to back up, and then click Next.  
  6. Specify the backup schedule, and then click Next.  
  7. In the Confirm backup details dialog box, click Configure. This action raises a warning that the destination drive will be formatted. 
  8. Click Yes, and then click Finish.

After the backup is configured, wait for the schedule Or, click Backup now in the right-side pane to start the backup immediately.

How to change the backup configuration

After the backup is configured, you can use the following options to change the backup configuration. These options are available in the right-side pane of the Small Business Server 2011 backup console.
  • Add or remove backup destinations: You can use this option to add or remove the destination backup drive.
  • Add or remove backup items: You can use this option to add or remove the partitions to back up.
  • Change backup schedule: You can use this option to change the backup schedule. 
  • Pause backup schedule: You can use this option to pause the backup and to prevent any scheduled backup from starting. You must click Resume backup schedule to enable additional backups.
  • View backup history: You can use this option to check the backup history. This includes successful and failed backups.
  • Backup now: You can use this option to back up without waiting for the scheduled backup to start.
  • Disable backup: You can use this option to delete your existing backup configuration. After you use this option, you must select Configure backup schedule to reconfigure the backup.
  • Stop backup in progress: This option is enabled as soon as your backup starts. You can use this option to stop the backup that is in progress.

Event logs for Small Business Server 2011 backup

Backup event logs are available in Event Viewer. They can be found in the following folder:
Application and Services Logs/Microsoft/Windows/Backup