Troubleshooting co-management: Bootstrap with modern provisioning

Applies to: Microsoft IntuneSystem Center Configuration Manager


This article helps you understand and troubleshoot issues that you may encounter when you set up co-management by taking path 2: Bootstrap the Configuration Manager client with modern provisioning.

This scenario occurs when you have new Windows 10 devices that join Azure AD and automatically enroll to Intune, and then you install the Configuration Manager client to reach a co-management state.

Before you start

Before you start troubleshooting, it’s important to collect some basic information about the issue and make sure that you follow all required configuration steps. This helps you better understand the problem and reduce the time to find a resolution. To do this, follow this checklist of pre-troubleshooting questions:

Most issues occur because one or more of these steps were not completed. If you find that a step was skipped or was not completed successfully, check the details of each step, or see the following tutorial: 

Tutorial: Enable co-management for modern provisioned clients

Troubleshooting hybrid Azure AD configuration


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