Open Operation on GL_Acct_Mstr has an Incorrect Number of Keys when approving Expense Reports in PDK

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When I try to approve Expense Reports in Personal Data Keeper, I receive the following error message: Open Operation on GL_ACCT_MSTR has an incorrect number of keys. I have already tried different users and different workstations. What should I do?


There are a few possibilties.

1. The dictionary may need to be resynchronized. Go into the Dex.ini in the local PDK directory and set Sychronize=TRUE, save the changesand relaunch PDK.

2. A dictionary may be corrupted. Try renaming your Pdkform.dic and Pdkrpt.dic for Personal Data Keeper. Then try the approval again. If it works, you will need to import your modified reports into a new dictionary and restore a backup of your forms dictionary.

3. Reinstall PDK on this workstation.

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