How to print voucher notes on the Payables Transaction History report in Great Plains

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How to print the record note from each voucher on the Payables Transaction History report.

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You will need to define a file relationship between the PM_Paid_Transaction_HIST file (the main file) and the Record Notes Master file in Report Writer first before pulling the appropriate field on to the report.

1. From the toolbar in Report Writer, choose Tables; select the PM_Paid_Transaction_HIST file and choose Open.
2. Choose Relationships, then choose New.
3. Click on the ellipsis button (button with three dots) and select Record Notes Master from the list.
4. Select Key 1 for the Secondary Table Key.
5. From the Primary Table column, select Note Index to match the Secondary Table field.
6. Click OK and back out of all windows, saving your changes as you go.
7. Open the PM Transaction History Detail (or Summary) report. In the Report Definition window, choose Tables. Highlight the PM Paid Transaction History File and click on New. Select Record Notes Master and click OK.
8. In the Report Definition window click on Layout. From the Toolbox, select the Record Notes Master table, drag Text Field into H1 and expand the field.
9. Save the report and make sure to give security to the modified report in the Security Setup window (Setup - System - Security).

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