Life Insurance Premium Synchronization Window in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Applies to: Dynamics GP 2010Dynamics GP 2013Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

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After I run Reconcile for Human Resources, I am getting a Reconcile_Error report along with the Life Insurance Premium Synchronization window for employees who are set up correctly. How can I eliminate these employees from the report and window?


As long as everything is set up correctly, the temp tables that hold this information can be deleted. Following are instructions for Pervasive/c-tree and Microsoft SQL.

If on Pervasive or c-tree, go into the HR folder under the Great Plains folder where the data is located (typically on the server).Delete the following files:



If on Microsoft SQL, run the following statement within Query Analyzer against the Company database.



Run reconcile again to verify the error is resolved. If not, the Life Insurance Premium has not yet been synchronized between Payroll and Human Resource.

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