Unprocessed timesheets or expenses exist when attempting to delete a user in PDK

Applies to: Dynamics GP 2010

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I am trying to delete a user within PDK and received a message indicating this user still had an unprocessed Timesheet or expense. Unfortunately, the message did not tell me in which time period the unprocessed transaction was present.

Is there a way to generate a listing or report of all unprocessed timesheets and expenses throughout all periods?


An unprocessed timesheet or expense exists.


You can run the following script in Query Analyzer against the company database. You will need to fill in the Employee ID of the user you are trying to delete.

Select * from PDK10000

Where PDK_Document_Status < 8 and EMPLOYID = 'enteremployeehere'


Select * from PDK10500

Where PDK_Document_Status < 8 and EMPLOYID = 'enteremployeehere'


This will provide a list of timesheets and expensesthat need to be deleted or processed.

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