Run-time Error 9 "Subscript Out of Range" in FRx

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Potential Causes

1. Occurs when rebuilding the GL Index. A Building Block is corrupt and needs to be recreated. See Resolution 27257.

2. Occurs when selecting the default Company if the Regional Settings Properties are incorrect. See Resolution 5683.

3. Occurs when trying to drill down to Transaction Detail. See Resolution 12344.

4. Occurs when the System Specific Information is changed to include the 13th period for adjustments and the .G32 files are deleted. See Resolution 11914.

5. Occurs when generating a report using a Tree while the Use Row Format(s) and Worksheet Links from the Reporting Tree option is selected in the Catalog. If this option is selected, all units (including the summary unit and all other parent units) in the Tree must have a Row Format assigned in the Reporting Tree. If any unit is missing a Row Format, the error will occur.

6.Occurs if the Row Format contains SORT codes for non-printing rows. See Resolution 1.

7.Occurs when building an Index file due to a mismatch in the FLEXDEF and SEGDEF tables. See the
Mismatch in the FLEXDEF and SEGDEF Tables Tech Tip.


Resolution 1 - Remove the SORT code for the non-printing rows. FRx cannot determine how to sort if the rowsthat it would normally sort are not printed.

Resolution 5683 - Compare the Regional Settings Properties between workstations.

1. Click Start | Settings | Control Panel | Regional Settings.

2. Compare the Regional Settings Properties on a workstation that does not receive the error to the settings on the workstation that is receiving the error.

3. If the settings are different, change the settings on the workstation that is receiving the error to match the workstation that is not receiving the error.

Resolution 11914 - Delete and create a new Company record in FRx.

1. Access FRx Company Information and select the problem Company.

2. Use the Print Screen key to make screen-shots and then print them for use in recreating the Company after it is deleted. The screen-shots will be needed to recreate the Company correctly.

3. Select a different Company record (like FW) and select Set as Default for that Company record.

4. Reselect the Company record that is to be deleted.

5. Delete this Company record.

6. Create a new Company Record using the information from the screen shots in Step 2.

Additional Resources

If using FRx 6.x refer to
Creating Companies in FRx 6.x and Setting Up ODBC Data Sources Using Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

Resolution 12344 - Select the Transactions in GL option from the View menu in FRx DrillDown Viewer.

Note - Prior to generating the report, access Catalog of Reports and set the Detail Level for the Catalog ID to Financial Transaction or Financial Accounts.

After using DrillDown Viewer to display the report, drilldown one level in order to enable the Transactions in GL option available on the View menu.

Resolution 27257 - Recreate the Building Block using Copy/Paste from a correct report into a New Building Block in FRx Catalog of Reports.

1. Access FRx. Determine which Building Block needs to be recreated by running a different report that uses the same Row and another report that uses the same Column. The report that fails has the corrupt Building Block.

2. To recreate the new Building Block:

a. Access Catalog of Reports.

b. Select the correct report, and under Building Blocks, use Copy, Close.

c. Access Catalog of Reports.

d. Click New and Paste.

e. Save the Building Block giving it an unique name.

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