Total tax amounts in work file cannot exceed tax amount of open record

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This message will appear whenever you use the Tax Included with Item Price Tax Detail and the transaction does not update the Back out Freight Amount field (BKTFRTAM) to a percentage of the Freight Amount in the PM Transaction Open file. 

To correct this error message, you would need to update the Back out Freight Amount according to the following equation: 

1.)Freight Amount - (Freight Amount * Tax Detail percentage)

2.)You can get the Tax Detail percentage by going to Setup - Company - Tax Details.
3.)Then run an update statement in the Query Analyzer to update the Back out Freight Amount field: 
update PM20000 set BKTFRTAM = xxx where VCHRNMBR = 'yyy' 
xxx is the amount that you get from the equation above. 
yyy is the Voucher Number you are having issues with.

If you do not use the Tax Included with Item Price Tax Detail, the issue could be that the PM10500 (PM Tax Work/Open) is missing information. To check this, use the Payables Transaction Inquiry window (Inquiry - Purchasing - Transaction). Zoom on the Document Number field, then click the Tax button to open the Payables Tax Zoom window. If any of the tax information is missing, you can't void the voucher. You need to apply a credit memo to the voucher to move it to history. If you want to remove the voucher and credit memo from the inquiry window, you can remove transaction history on them (by voucher or document number) in the Remove Payables Transaction History window (Utilities - Purchasing - Remove Trx History). 

*If using Microsoft SQL server, an update statement on the PM10500 could be used to include the correct tax information. Make sure to make a valid backup prior to running any MS Query statements. 

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