Data for an Extender field is not deleted from the Extender table when you delete an Extender field in Microsoft Great Plains


You delete a field from an existing Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains Extender window. However, the data for this field is not removed from the Extender table.


The Extender triggers and the Extender tables are not updated when a field is removed from an Extender window.


To resolve this issue, follow these steps:
1. On the Tools menu, click Extender , and then click Check Links .
2. In the Objects area, click Windows . Click Insert .

The Windows option appears in the Selected Objects area.
3. Click OK .
When you review the Extender table, you see that the data for the deleted field no longer appears.

Note If you remove a field from any other Extender object, you must follow similar steps for each object type. For example, if you removed a field from an Inquiry object, click Inquiry instead of Windows in step 2.