Information about updates for Driver Install Frameworks (DIFx) tools

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Driver Install Frameworks (DIFx) provides infrastructure and tools to simplify device and driver installation for both developers and users. DIFx tools include the Driver Package Installer (DPInst) tool, the Driver Install Frameworks for Applications (DIFxApp) tool, and the Driver Install Frameworks Library (DIFxAPI) tool.

This article contains information about updates for DIFx tools.

More Information

DIFx tools version 2.01 includes the following updates:
  • You can use DPInst to perform a non-interactive installation in the system context.
  • The legacy-mode flag can be used in the XML file when you use DPInst.
  • A hotfix fixes an issue with Authenticode-signed packages.
Note Updates for the DIFx tools include several critical hotfixes. You can install DIFx tools version 2.01 on any one of the following operating systems:
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
For more information about features in DIFx tools version 2.01, visit the following Microsoft Web site: