Legacy Windows Media License Agreements

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Distributing Windows Media Player 11

If your company needs a distribution license for Windows Media Player on Windows Vista please contact WMLA@microsoft.com. Please note that there will be no option to execute this license agreement one Microsoft ceases to offer extended support for this operation system https://support.microsoft.com/lifecycle/.

Developing and deploying a WMDRM10 content packaging and licensing service

WMDRM is a legacy content and access protection technology and any further innovation in Microsoft’s media-focused DRM functionality will be released via the PlayReady code base, the successor to WMDRM. Furthermore, extended support for Windows Server 2003 ended July 14, 2015. Since WMDRM only runs using Windows Media Rights Manager (WMRM SDK) in a Windows Server 2003 environment, Microsoft will no longer offer support for Windows Media Rights Manager (WMDRM), administer WMRM SDK license agreements, or generate DRM enrollment certificates as of July 14, 2015.

Windows Media Logo Program

The Microsoft Windows Media and HDCD – Logo License Agreement and its associated logos (for example, PlaysForSure and HDCD) are no longer available as of 2009.

Please refer to Microsoft guidelines on logos and trademarks on Microsoft.com (Legal Resources\General Trademark Guidelines) for more information.

Windows Media Networking Protocols Porting Kit

Although this porting kit has been retired, technical specifications for the Windows Media networking protocols are made available at no charge in the MSDN Open Specifications library. Rights to patents that cover those specifications are available separately. For more information, go to the Open Specifications website.

Portable Device DRM (PDDRM)

PDDRM was originally developed by Microsoft in 1999 as part of Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) version 1. With the release of much more sophisticated and comprehensive content protection technologies from Microsoft (for example, PlayReady), PDDRM has become a legacy technology, and its source code and documentation are no longer available.

Enabling Windows Media DRM 10 on products based on Windows CE

Microsoft no longer offers licensing for Windows Media DRM 10 for Windows CE or Windows Embedded products. Please check with your embedded Sales Representative for options currently available for use of PlayReady in current Microsoft platforms.

Licensing Windows Media DRM for Devices

As of June 19, 2009, Microsoft has made changes to the way Windows Media DRM (WMDRM) for Devices is licensed. These changes provide device manufacturers with cost-effective technology for today's devices while facilitating future use of a richer set of DRM features and other improvements via use of the PlayReady code base. For more info, please visit the PlayReady website.