Swipe, pan, and stretch your way around your phone.


How to do it

What it does


Image of hand tapping on the screen

Tap once on an item.

Opens or launches whatever you tap.


Screen reader (alt) text

Tap twice on an item, quickly.

Zooms in or out in stages.

Press and hold

Image of hand tapping and holding on the screen

Press and leave your finger on the screen for a moment.

Opens a menu (like right-clicking with a mouse).

On some phones, this performs a navigation button’s secondary function. For instance, pressing and holding the Back button launches the App switcher.


Image of hand swiping across the screen

With your finger touching the screen, flick your finger quickly in the direction you want the screen to move.

Scrolls rapidly through menus or pages, or moves sideways in apps.


Image of hand panning around the screen

Put your finger on the screen, and keep contact as you move it around.

Moves around screens at a controlled rate.

Pinch and stretch

Images of hand pinching and stretching to zoom in and out

Put two fingers on the screen, then pull them together or spread them apart in a pinching or stretching motion.

Zooms in or out on a map, webpage, or picture.


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