Microsoft Partner Network technical benefits summary

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  Cloud Performance

50 Partner Advisory Hours

Unlimited Technical Presales Assistance for Cloud Deals

20 Product Support Incidents

Unlimited Signature Cloud Support Incidents*

50 Partner Advisory Hours

Unlimited Technical Presales Assistance for Cloud Deals

20 Product Support Incidents

10 Signature Cloud Support Incidents

20 Partner Advisory Hours

Unlimited Technical Presales Assistance for Cloud Deals

15 Product Support Incidents

Unlimited Signature Cloud Support Incidents*

20 Partner Advisory Hours

Unlimited Technical Presales Assistance for Cloud Deals

15 Product Support Incidents

5 Signature Cloud Support Incidents

* Cloud Performance: Cloud Business Applications (attainable only in Partner Dashboard), Cloud Customer Relationship Management, Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, Enterprise Mobility Management, Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions.


Action Pack and Network Members
5 partner advisory hours for technical presales or deployment scenarios

10 On-Premise Product Support Incidents
Technical Webinars


Support contract activation

On-premises products, Azure and Dynamics 365 require support contracts to be activated before support incidents can be created.


More Information

See below for Microsoft Partner Community, MPN technical support, Technical Presales and Deployment Services (Advisory hours), Additional information

Microsoft Partner Community

Partners can go to TechNet for technical product support and to the Microsoft Partner Community for partnership and membership topics.

Learn more about the TechNet community​

Learn about Microsoft Partner Community

MPN technical support

Partners use technical support to help their customers (or for the own organisation)

  • For cloud services use Partner Center, open the customer, then create the support request in the relevant portal.
  • For on-premises products, use Support for Business to Create a support request

For step by step details help see Technical Support for Microsoft Partners

1. Cloud services 

For Cloud service eg Azure, Dynamics 365 etc Partners use Delegate administration to create support requests for their customers. Delegated administration is where a partner has a relationship with a customer, the partner user creates a support request On behalf Of (OBO) their customer. The request is created on the customer tenant, by the partner user.

Setup delegated administration

1. Enable Delegated Administrative Privileges (DAP) at the customer level 

a. Enabled by default for CSP and Indirect provider

b. For Advisor partners: Customers, Request a relationship and email the customer global admin – More information

2. Enable the partner user to support your customer by assigning the admin agent security role for users on your partner tenant

Create support request

3. The partner admin agent user opens the customer in Partner Center and selects the relevant workload eg Azure, Dynamics 365 and creates a new request

4. Start with the Partner dashboard > Support > Customer requests

5. The relevant products portal is opened, and a support ticket is created on the customers tenant

For Azure and Dynamics 365, partners need the Access ID and Contract ID for Signature Cloud Support (competency partners only) or Partner Product Support Incidents (Action pack or if competency partners have no Signature incidents remaining) - see 2904733

2. On-premises product support incidents

For on-premises products, there is no On behalf Of (OBO) process, add your support contract and create the support incident with your contact details.

1. Use any MSA or AAD account to sign-in to the Support for Business portal and Create a support request

2. You need the support contract Access ID + Contract ID for Partner Product Support Incidents (excludes Signature) to add a support contract - see 2904733

From the Support for Business portal, click Get started then 1. Product Selection, 2. Issue details.

3. Support plan is where you add contract or click Buy Now to purchase a support incident.

a. When you Add Contract, if your contract is not displayed click previous then next or close the browser and reopen – see 4023619

b. Partner on-Premise Product Support Incidents can be used for the 2 most recent product versions. For older product versions partners must purchase support incidents – see 4032154

4. If you need to purchase a support incident for an old products version. 1. Select the relevant locale/ country in the bottom left of the page and 2 Use an MSA Sign-in and a credit card to purchase Pay Per Incident (PPI) – see 4490370

3. Contact Support is your single point of contact for help on all Partner related issues eg MPN program, Licence activation, Partner Center migration, and Technical issues. 


Technical Presales and Deployment Services (Advisory hours)

Build your technical capabilities faster to accelerate sales, deployments and app development using your technical presales and deployment services benefits. Receive technical guidance from Microsoft partner technical consultants through interactive, technical webinars (unlimited, no cost) and personalized one-to-one technical consultations with virtual white-boarding, architecture reviews and shadowing of real-world scenarios.

Get started with technical webinars and consultations

See Using Technical Presales and Deployment Services

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