Domain controller promotion process shows "Windows Server Technical Preview" in the Domain and Forest functional level list

Applies to: Windows Server 2016Windows Server 2016 StandardWindows Server 2016 Datacenter


Consider the following scenario:
  • You have a computer that's running Windows Server 2016.
  • You install the Active Directory Domain Service (AD DS) role.
  • After the role is installed, you run the domain controller (DC) promotion process on the server.
However, on the second page of the DC promotion Wizard, you notice that both the Forest and Domain functional levels show an incorrect version of Windows, as in the following screen shot:

You expect the DC Promotion Wizard to show Windows Server 2016 instead of Windows Server Technical Preview.

Note The Windows Server 2016 Domain and Forest functional levels are not affected functionally.


This issue occurs because the display string was not updated in the Forest and Domain functional levels before the release of Windows Server 2016. 


To resolve this issue, apply the latest cumulative update for Windows Server 2016 from Windows Update before you promote a computer to a domain controller.