An account locks out when you use an incorrect credential in Outlook 2016

Applies to: Outlook 2016


If you type an incorrect set of credentials, and then cancel a passwordprompt, Outlook may continue to send requests with the incorrect set ofcredentials. This could cause an account lockout.


After applying it, Outlook 2016 is disallowed to send requests bydefault during Need Password.

More information

With June 4, 2019, update for Outlook 2016 (KB4464585), the defaultbehavior is changed to enable Outlook 2016 to send requests during NeedPassword. If you need to revert the previous behavior, set the value of the AllowRequestsInNeedPasswordBehaviorregistry key to 0.

Registry key


Value Name:AllowRequestsInNeedPasswordBehavior



The default value is 3. Any values greater than 2allow both legacy and MAPI/HTTP providers to send requests during NeedPassword. This could lead to an account lockout if an incorrect password issupplied.

If the value of the registrykey is set to 0, it disallows both legacy and MAPI/HTTP providersto send requests during Need Password.

If the value of the registrykey is set to 1, legacy providers can send requests, but MAPI/HTTPproviders can't. 

If the value of the registrykey is set to 2, legacy providers can't send requests, but MAPI/HTTPcan.