Troubleshooting poor video playback

Applies to: Windows 10 Consumer

Different refresh rates on multiple monitors can cause your video display to malfunction. Video playback might stall or start and stop repeatedly rather than play smoothly. This can happen whether the external monitor is physically attached or wirelessly attached via Miracast.

  • For more info on monitor connections, see Troubleshoot external monitor connections in Windows 10.
  • Get your monitors in sync with each other and the system with a change to the refresh rate on one or both monitors. Here’s how to change the refresh rate:
  • 1.  Select the Start  button, and then select Settings  > System> Display and then select Advanced display settings.
  • 2.  From the list, select the monitor you’d like to change, and then select Display adapter properties for your chosen display. 
  • 3.  Select the Monitor tab and under Monitor Settings, and change the Screen refresh rate so that all of your monitors have the same refresh rate.
  • If you don’t see an option to change the refresh rate, take a look at the user guide for your specific monitor.