Set app and game limits across your kids' devices

Applies to: Microsoft Account

If your child is spending too much time on certain apps or games, you can set limits on that app or game to help them achieve a healthy balance. App and game limits are available on Windows 10 and Xbox One devices, along with Android devices with Microsoft Family Safety installed. Once you set a limit, that limit will work across all of their devices. (For example, if you give them two hours on YouTube, they can spend a total of two hours on YouTube across Windows 10, Xbox One, and Android.)

To set these limits, click one of the below topics, and it will open to display more info:

What about apps and games that also have a website?

From the app and game limits section on the web, you can check a box that blocks associated websites after setting a limit. (For example, if you decided to set a time limit on YouTube, and you don’t want your child to go beyond the limit by going to, you can choose to block it completely.) It’ll get added to the Never allowed list under Content filters that you can view from or in Family Safety.

Why do I see the same app or game listed more than once?

This should only be temporary. Sometimes, you’ll see an app or game listed more than once because your child has installed it on more than one platform.

We’ll try on our end to process the data so the same app or game is only shown once, but there may be a delay. In the short term, you can set a limit for each app or game until we have it resolved on our end.