Msg 33111 error after SQL Server TDE certificate or key rotation

Applies to: SQL Server 2019SQL Server 2016SQL Server 2014


After you perform a Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) certificate or key rotation, drop the original certification, and then conduct a log backup using COMPRESSION+MAXTRANSFERSIZE, you receive the following error:


When changing the certificate or keys, the current active Virtual Log File (VLF)—which is encrypted by the previous key—will be closed. The next available VLF (or newly created VLF) will be used and encrypted by the new certification.

At this stage, the transaction log file retains log records encrypted by the previous certificate as well as log records encrypted by new certificate.

When you conduct a log backup with COMPRESSION+MAXTRANSFERSIZE parameters, the log records that have been encrypted by the previous certificate will be decrypted and then encrypted by the new certificate, and then saved to the backup file.

Because of this, the previous certification is needed for decryption. The log backup will fail if the previous certificate does not exist.


Restore the previous certification and try the backup again.


Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in this article when the information becomes available.


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