Credit/Debit note against Export order for India in Dynamics AX2012 R3

Applies to: Dynamics AX 2012 R3


Currently user is not allowed to post credit note/Debit noteagainst posted export Invoice. With release of this feature user will be allowedto post credit note against export order similar to normal sales order.


As per proposed new GSTR return ANX-1 inserted informationrelated to Credit and Debit note issue against Export order.


In case Credit/Debit note posted against export order forwhich "Shipping bill " has already been posted.


    • Credit note willdisplay "Shipping Bill Number" and Shipping bill date.
    • Debit note willdisplay “Shipping Bill Number” and Shipping bill date.

      In the Credit/Debit note for Tax document under header> setup > New field shipping bill number and shipping billdate has been added and posting these information will default from postedexport invoice.

      Export order can be posted with two option:

    • Export with Payment of Tax
    • Export without payment of Tax

      If Credit note/Debit note is posted against Export Invoicesame option will display in  Credit/DebitNote .

  • If Exportorder is posted with Payment of tax than credit note automatically default “Withpayment of Tax" - Yes
  • If exportorder is posted without payment of tax than credit note automatically default"With payment of Tax " - No

    If Credit note/Debit note is posted against Export orderposted with payment of tax option following additional option enabled forselection:

    • Would you claim refund – Yes/No.

      On creation of Credit note against posted export order sameoption will display in Credit/Debit Note.

Modes of transaction available to post Credit/Debit noteagainst export order:

    • Credit/Debit note through Export order > Invoice.
    • Free Text Invoice with Negative value
    • Credit /Debit note through General Journal.






Steps to dosetup Credit/Debit Note against Export Invoice:

Enable feature through General Ledgerparameter: 

General ledger >Setup>Generalledger Parameters> Sales tax  

In order to enable credit note againstexport order user have to mark parameter

(India) Enable Credit/debit note againstexport Invoice



Number sequence under GST referencenumber sequence group

To maintain GST transaction ID for Credit,note against export invoice separate option is provided under GST referencenumber sequence group.

General Ledger >Setup>GSTreference number sequence group


Posting of Transaction:

PostingCredit note with payment GST using Export Sales order (Would you claim Refund –Yes)

When post credit note against posted export Invoice in thetax information form following fields will default from the posted export Invoice:


With Payment of Tax - Y/N

If with payment of tax - Y

Below field should be displayed


Would you claim refund?

If in the posted export invoice, it was selected as"Yes" it will default as Yes in credit note

Else it will default as "No".


With reference to above Scenario, create a credit note forthe 5 Quantities of the item.

Export order line

Other fields in original posted Export order:

With payment of tax - Y

Would you claim Refund - Y

Export Invoice is posted as below



Cost of Item 4,000


 IGST calculation:



Voucher transaction:



When Credit note is posted against posted export invoice:



Would youclaim Refund - Y

When exportorder is posted with below option marked:
With payment of tax - Y

ExportInvoice will be posted as below:




When Creditnote is posted against posted export invoice:





Export Invoice Credit Note > TaxDocument > Header >Shipping bill Number and Shipping bill date


Go toTax>>Inquiries and reports>>Tax reports>>ANX-1 Report.

We observe thatCredit note posted against export Invoice displayed in the report:

New GSTR -1


ANX-1 Report:



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