Excluding Non-Inventory Items from SOP Inventory Sales Report

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Is it possible to exclude the non-inventory items entered in Sales Transaction Entry ( Transactions | Sales | Sales Transaction Entry ) from the SOP Inventory Sales History Report?


Yes, a restriction must be entered for the report in Report Writer. Use the Sales Transaction Amounts History file and enter the restriction Non IV=0.

1. Go into Report Writer ( Tools | Customize | Report Writer ) and click on the Reports button.

2. From the original reports window highlight the SOP Inventory Sales History Report and choose Insert .

3. Highlight the report in the modified reports window and choose Open .

4. In the Report Definition window, click on the Restrictions button and choose New .

5. Type in a restriction name.

6. Select the Sales Transaction Amounts History for the Report Table and Non IV for the Table Field.

7. Click Add Field .

8. Click = from the operators .

9. With the constants type set to integer enter 0 for the constant and click Add Cons tant.

10. Choose OK .

11. The restriction will read as follows: SOP_LINE_HIST.Non IV=0

12. Choose OK in the Report Definition window.

13. Return to Dynamics and grant security to the report ( Setup | System | Security ).

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