How to print more than four lines of the document comment on the SOP Blank Invoice form

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This article describes how to print more than four lines of the document comment on the SOP Blank Invoice form.


You can modify the report in Report Writer.

If you follow these steps, there are some limitations that will apply:

a. The report will only work if you print one document at a time from within the Sales Transaction Entry window. To locate this window, click Sales, click Transactions, and then click Sales Transaction Entry.

b. If you try to print a batch or a range of invoices, the program does not print the comments with the correct document. To correct the problem, add the comment text to the PH section of the report. However, your comments will then print at the top of the invoice instead of at the bottom.

c. For graphical reports, you will have to make the comment text field as wide as the line items that you need in the report. Otherwise, the program will only print the first line of your comment. Realize that by widening the comment text field, you may see a blank space if there are few or no comments for a particular document.

To modify the reportgo into Report Writer (Tools|Customize|Report Writer) and follow these steps:

1. Opening the Report:

a. Choose the Reports icon from the top menu bar.

b.From the Original Reports side, highlight the SOP Blank Invoice Form and choose Insert.

c. Then on the Modified Reports side, highlight the same report and choose Open.

d. In the Report Definition window choose the Layout button.

2. Bringing fields onto the report:

a.In the Toolbox choose Sales User-Defined Work History from the drop down list.

b. In the scrolling window find Comment Text and drag it into the RF section on the report.

c. In the report layout, double click on the field that was just put on the report.

d. In the Report Field Options window, be sure the Display Type is set to Visible.

e. Set the Field Type to Data.

f. Choose the OK button.

3. Deleting fields on the report:

a. Delete the Comment (1) in the RF section.

b. Delete the Comment (2) in the RF section.

c. Delete the Comment (3) in the RF section.

d. Delete the Comment (4) in the RF section.

3. Leaving Report Writer:

a. Choose the X from the top right corner of the Report Layout window.

b. Save your changes.

c. Click OK in the Report Definition window.

d. From the top menu bar, choose File - Great Plains Dynamics/eEnterprise.

e. Give users access to the modified report in the Security Setup window(Setup|System|Security).

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