Manufacturing Release 7.0 Conversion Information

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Manufacturing Release 7.0 Conversion Information
  • The 7.0 Manufacturing conversion will create a large General Ledger Journal Entry. This is due to the migration of In Use inventory quantities being converted to the 7.0 Work In Process functionality. The conversion process will remove quantities from the In Use buckets of the Work Centers for each Manufacturing Order with a Firmed or Partial Post status. The conversion account (MFG 70 Conversion Account) will be debited and then later credited resulting in a wash.

  • The conversion process will add an Inventory Site named MFG70CONV. This site is put in place as part of the Work In Process migration. The In Use buckets used in Release 6.0 have been replaced by Work In Process tables in Release 7.0. Refer to the 7.0 Documentation for further details. Note - This site should NOT be deleted until all open MO activity (at the time of theupgrade) has been completed in Release 7.0. Make sure to contact Manufacturing Technical Support for proper execution of this cleanup if desired.
  • The conversion process will add Pick Documents based on current, open MO allocations, inventory issues, and possibly scrap transactions. They will be named as follows:



  • Since Release 7.0 of Manufacturing updates inventory allocations at the Item/Site level, it would be a good idea to check the Allocate check box on your Planned and Firmed Manufacturing Orders that will migrate from Release 6.0 to 7.0. If the Picklist items have already been partial issued or issued in Release 6.0, but the MO is still open at time of converting, this step can be ignored.
  • Set the Outsourced Work Centers Card to reflect this using the expansion box in Cards - Mfg - Work Centers. The expansion button isfurthest to the right of the Work Center ID in this window.

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