Associate devices with your Groove Music Pass to sync music

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To associate a device with your Groove Music Pass, sign in to the Music app on the device that you want to use, and that device will be automatically associated with your Pass.

You can associate up to four devices with your Groove Music Pass. These devices can include:

  • Tablets or computers running Windows 10
  • iOS and Android devices

After you associate a device, you can download and sync content to that device. You can also stream music from Groove to tablets or computers running Windows 10.

You can also stream music to your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console; however, you can't download music to an Xbox console.

After you download or sync music to a computer or other device, that computer or device will be associated with your Groove Music Pass for at least 30 days.


  • You can change one computer or device associated with your Groove Music Pass once it has been associated for 30 days.
  • You can only use your Groove Music Pass on phones that use your Microsoft account.
  • Groove Music Pass users may download music to up to four devices. These can include personal computers and portable devices. However, one device must be a personal computer.
  • Groove Music Pass is designed for a single user. If other members of your household have devices with Groove, their own Microsoft accounts will be associated with those devices. Because of this rule, they will need their own Groove Music Pass.

View the devices associated with your Groove Music Pass
Here's how to see which devices you've associated with your Music Pass:

  • From the web
    In a browser, go to Manage Music Devices and sign in.
  • From the Groove app
    1. Start the Groove app and sign in.
    2. Click Manage Devices.

Change the devices associated with your Groove Music Pass

To remove a computer or device from your Groove Music Pass

Follow the steps in the previous section, "View the devices associated with your Groove Music Pass". Then, click Remove next to the name of the computer or device.

To add a Windows 10 PC or tablet to your Groove Music Pass

When you download music from the Store to your computer, your device will be added automatically.

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