When you take notes on a meeting in Teams or Outlook for the web, you can add action items in a task list. You'll be able to work on these tasks in Microsoft Planner and everywhere you can access your Planner plans (for example, SharePoint and Tasks in Teams) or tasks (for example, To Do). For more details on using meeting notes, see Take meeting notes in Teams.

Note: This functionality is under development and isn't available for all our customers yet.

Add a task list to a meeting

You can add a task list to a meeting in Teams or Outlook for the web. Task lists you add in a meeting will create and stay in sync with a plan in Planner.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In Teams, go to Calendar on the left side of the app and select New meeting in the top right corner. 

    • In Outlook for the web, select the calendar icon on the left, and then select New event

  2. Near the bottom of the page, select Add an agenda others can edit.

  3. In a moment, you'll see the Agenda, Meeting notes, and Follow-up tasks sections. The Follow-up tasks section is a task list. Select Follow-up tasks to add task names, assignees, and due dates.

  4. Add any other meeting information you want (see Schedule a meeting in Teams for details), and then select Save.

View and edit your tasks in Planner

Once someone has added at least one task to your task list in meeting notes, a plan is created in Planner. 

You and all meeting invitees can then view the task list in Planner:

  • Go to https://www.office.com, select the app launcher in the upper left of the page, and under Apps select Planner (you may have to select All apps to see it).

    Note: If you named the meeting before you added the first task, the plan name will be the same as the meeting name. If you named your meeting after you added the first task, the plan will be named "Meeting notes" with a number following it. 

In meeting notes, you can only add or change task titles, assignees, and due dates. To work with more task features, such as checklists, attachments, and more, select the three dots (...) and then select Open in Planner

See Planner help to see what else you can do with Planner.  

Task lists and buckets in Planner

In Planner, the tasks you add to the first task list in your meeting notes will be added and synced to the first bucket in your plan.

In the meeting notes, you can add new task lists:

  1. Select anywhere in the canvas

  2. Entering /.

  3. Choose Task list

    Each new task list in a meeting notes file will create a new bucket in the synced plan.

After you've created multiple task lists in a meeting notes file, you can move tasks between these task lists to move tasks between buckets in the plan. You can also move tasks between those buckets to move tasks between those task lists in meeting notes. However, if you add a new bucket in Planner, it won't create a new task list in your meeting notes. Also, if you move tasks out of a meeting notes created bucket, those tasks will disappear from the meeting notes but still exist in the plan. If you move a task from the meeting notes plan to another plan, the task will also be removed from meeting notes.

Delete a task list

You can either delete a task list in meeting notes or in Planner. 

  • To delete a task list in Planner   See Delete a task or plan. This will delete the task list in the meeting notes file as well the next time the file is opened. Note that the plans created by task lists are lightweight plans, which means there isn't a plan owner and any member can delete the plan.

  • To delete a task list in meeting notes   Select the task list, and then press Backspace. This does not delete these tasks from the linked plan in Planner.

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