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When adding pages to a newsletter, think about if you want to insert a two-page spread or just a single page. Newsletters typically have single pages for the first and last page and two-page spreads for the rest of the pages.

Page navigation pane showing both single-page and two-page spreads.

  1. Right-click the page that comes before the page you are adding. If you are using a built-in newsletter template the Insert Newsletter Pages dialog will open showing a two-page spread.

  2. In the Insert Newsletter Pages dialog, select the type of pages you want to add.
    Add new pages to your newsletter with the Insert Newsletter Pages dialog.
    The options are:

    • Story: This page will contain mostly text boxes with some picture place holders.

    • Calendar: This page will contain a calendar with a side-bar for a schedule of events, as well as text boxes and picture place holders.

    • Order Form: This page will contain a form for ordering your product or service, as well as text boxes and picture place holders.

    • Response Form: This page is much like the order form, but it contains a survey form instead of an order form.

    • Sign-up Form: Like the order and response form pages, this contains a form for your readers to sign-up for an activity, a donation, or other activity.

  3. Click OK to add the pages.

    Tip:  If you want to add a single page, click More, in the Number of new pages enter 1, select where you want the page, and then select the lay-out option.

    Dialog box for inserting a Publisher page

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