Authoring modern pages in SharePoint

Pages are often the starting point for communicating with your organization and getting out important messages. For example, each site includes a home page for you to customize, and you can add additional pages to your site. Here's the information you need to start creating, editing, and publishing pages.

The video gives you the basics, and the articles below help answer questions you've asked!

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Create pages, add images and text, and publish

Create and use modern pages on a SharePoint site

Information included in this article:

  • Create and name a page

  • Add or change an image in the title area

  • Where pages are stored

  • How to delete pages

Add sections and columns on a SharePoint modern page

Add and change page sections and choose column layouts

Using web parts on SharePoint pages

All of the web parts available for you to add a variety of content to your pages

Add text and tables to your page with the Text web part

Add text and tables to your page with custom formatting

Add an image to your page

How to use the image web part to add pictures and images

Image sizing and scaling in SharePoint modern pages

Learn about how to crop, size, and make sure your images look great


Management and lifecycle of a SharePoint modern page

Learn what happens when you publish a page and how to manage pages

Site home pages

Use a different page for your SharePoint site home page

Sites automatically come with home pages that you can customize. But if you want to change the home page to a page your created, this article tells you how

Use the Hero web part

The hero web part is often used at the top of home pages to provide a highly visual and engaging way to showcase links to information. It can be used on any page, of course, and anywhere on the page

What is a SharePoint communication site?

This article tells you about communication sites, and focuses on the home page of a communication which you can customize

What is a SharePoint team site?

This article shows you a default team site home page, as well as other information about team sites


Create a page

This training shows you a video and steps to try


SharePoint lookbook

Get ideas for beautiful sites and pages

SharePoint design guidance

Find tips and best practices for designing your pages

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