If you’re running into an issue reconnecting to Teams, or Teams tries reconnecting unsuccessfully on its own, here are a few things you can try.

  1. Check your internet connection to make sure it’s working by opening a browser and visiting any website.

  2. Sign out of Teams by selecting your profile picture at the top right of Teams and then selecting Sign out from the menu options. Once Teams closes, open it again and sign in with your email and password.

  3. Clear the Teams cache from your device.

    On Windows, navigate to your Taskbar and look for the Microsoft Teams icon. Right-click the icon and choose Quit. This will force the Teams app to quit. Next, cut and paste the following location into File Explorer: %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams, and delete the contents of the entire folder. Finally, restart Microsoft Teams by opening the application and logging back in.  

    On a Mac, right-click the Teams icon in the taskbar and choose Quit. Next, delete the directory ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams. Finally, restart Microsoft Teams by opening the application and logging back in.  

    Note: Deleting the cache will not remove Microsoft Teams from your device, but will remove the web client cache, icons, thumbnails, local message history, your Teams display images, and any other Teams add-ons.

  4. Uninstall Teams from your device, then reinstall it.

  5. If you’re using a VPN to access Teams, turn it off and back on.

  6. If you’re using the Teams desktop or mobile app, try using the web version: https://teams.microsoft.com/.

  7. If you’re using Teams for the web, try disabling your ad blocker(s).

  8. Restart your WiFi modem.

  9. Check the official Microsoft Twitter account for service incidents to see if there are any known issues: https://twitter.com/MSFT365Status

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