Learn how to run effective meetings using Microsoft 365 apps

Start by learning about meeting types and how to decide when a meeting a meeting is really necessary, and when an alternative is a good option to help you manage your time and keep your projects moving forward.

Learn more about meeting types

There are three basic types of meetings – in-person, all-remote, and hybrid. Understanding meeting types will help you make decisions about what type of collaboration and meeting tools to use, and when to use them.

  • In-person – All participants are in the same physical location during the meeting

  • All-remote – No participants are in the same physical location during the meeting

  • Hybrid – Some participants are in the same physical location during the meeting, and some are not

Decide when to meet, email, or chat

The most important consideration for effective meetings is if a meeting is needed at all. Learn more about when its best to have a meeting, send an email, or have a quick chat in Microsoft Teams.

                  Image of a diagram displaying email, chat, and meeting icons




When you need a quick answer but not all team members are available or in the same place.

When you don’t need a response, want to share an update, or need to reach a large group of people.

When you need to brainstorm or talk about subjects that are complex or emotionally nuanced.

  • Ask quick questions

  • Share feedback or check in

  • Update small teams on status

  • Share files and information

  • To inform others, especially large groups of people

  • Provide a status update

  • When no response is required

  • Complex topics

  • Emotional topics

  • Desire to build interpersonal relationships


Schedule effective meetings

Plan and lead effective meetings

Reduce or replace meetings using asynchronous collaboration methods

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