To help you better manage your most important tasks and events, the Outlook calendar now has a new board view where you can organize everything in one place – your calendars, tasks lists, sticky notes, links, goals, and even reminders. 

Note: For people who were using Project Moca – it now has a new home as a calendar board view. You can use your existing Project Moca spaces there and we've added some exciting new features.

Create a board

Think of the board as a visual planner that you can design however you like by adding and moving around items in it.

  1. Go to the calendar and select the views menu – It could be set to DayWeekWork week, or Month.

  2. Then select Board > New board, give your board a name and then select Create.

Here are few of the items that you can add to your board: 

  • Calendar: You can add multiple calendar items and see different calendars side by side.

  • Task Lists: You can now add your existing task lists from To Do to your board.

  • Clock: Keep track of different time zones to stay connected with your family, friends, and colleagues around the world.

  • Tips: Learn how to get the most out of the board view.

Add to board

There are two ways to add items. 

  1. From the board view, add items by selecting Add to board and then choose from the list. Select Show all to see the full list of items you can add.

  2. From your inbox or calendar, right click an email message, note, task in My Day, or event in your calendar in Outlook on the web and select Add to board.

  3. Once you’ve added items, you can drag and drop to move them around or use the keyboard shortcuts listed below.

Note: Currently, the Calendar board view does not support drag-and-drop on touch-enabled devices. 

Keyboard shortcuts

To do this



Ctrl + Shift + K

Zoom in

Ctrl + [

Zoom out

Ctrl + ]

Pan left/right

Ctrl + Left / Ctrl + Right

Pan up/down

Ctrl + Up / Ctrl + Down

Reset pan and zoom

Ctrl + 0

Move selected item left/right

Ctrl + Shift + Left / Ctrl + Shift + Right

Move selected item up/down

Ctrl + Shift + Up / Ctrl + Shift + Down

Deselect all items


Lock board

Ctrl + Shift + L

Open board view

Shift + Alt + 6

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