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Create your first Word 2013 document
Create your first Word 2013 document

Save a Word document

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Save your document, so you don't lose all your hard work, then print it to share it with others.

Save your document

  1. Click FILE > Save, pick or browse to a folder, type a name for your document in the File name box, and click Save.

  2. Save your work as you go - hit Ctrl+S often.

  3. To print, click the FILE tab, and then click Print.

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Basic tasks in Word 2013

What's new in Word 2013

Probably the most important part of creating a document is saving it.

If the power were to go out right now, all of our hard work would be gone, unless we had saved it to a file.

Move up to the top of the ribbon and click the FILE tab, and the backstage opens.

You won't find any commands for working with text here.

The backstage is all about opening, saving, printing, sharing, and exporting.

In other words, the behind-the-scenes stuff you do with a document file.

Click Save, and you get a choice.

You can save it to your Computer, or you can save to the cloud by using Microsoft 365 SharePoint or OneDrive.

I have already signed in to my online account, so now I can click here and Browse for a location on my OneDrive.

Enter a File name and click Save.

It's just like saving to a computer, except that now I can access the file on any computer connected to the Internet, or I can Share it with others by sending an email message containing a link to the online file.

After you save your document, you can keep working on it if you want, or you can click Close and work on it later.

When your document is ready to go, click the FILE tab, and Save it one last time.

Click here if you want to Print the document.

See a preview of how the document will look after it is printed.

Select a Printer in this list, and then, click Print.

Up next, we'll improve the look of the document by adding some formatting.

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