This article contains updates for Microsoft Teams devices. To view updates about features updates in the Microsoft Teams desktop, web, or mobile apps, go to What's new in Microsoft Teams.

June 10, 2021

Teams app version: 1449/

Performance updates for meeting experiences on low-end hardware.

June 8, 2021

Teams app version: 1449/

  • Transfer a Teams call to another device without hanging up.

  • Change your background during a video call or meeting from a select set of pictures that are available in phones with video capability.

  • Contacts whose numbers are saved in Outlook will be available in the People section of the Teams phones with read-only access. You'll still need to manually dial the number.

  • Enforcement of authentication policies and tenant-based policies set by your admin. Login is blocked if the device doesn't meet the necessary policy requirements.

  • During a call, select the active call icon to show more options. Additionally, when a contact has multiple numbers saved, you can choose the number you want to dial from the dropdown list.

  • To facilitate quick responses for auto attendant scenarios, dial pad will be made available for early media scenarios.

  • Extending the live captions feature to calls, Teams can now detect what's said in a call and present real-time captions in one-on-one calls.

  • Ongoing enhancements to improve your experience when using a delegate on touch screens.

  • Bug fixes for LLDP for E911 and authentication

March 30, 2021

Teams app version: 1449/

Authentication library crash fix.

March 26, 2021

Teams app version: 1449/

  • New and improved sign-in experience. Sign in from any browser or smartphone with a prominent device code. Or choose to sign in from the device with your username and password

  • Sign-in support and authentication into specialized clouds now available. Choose the Settings gear on the sign-in page to see the options that are applicable to your account

  • IT admins can remotely provision and sign in to a Teams device that has previously not been provisioned

  • Call controls will always be visible during meetings. You can also switch between Gallery and Together mode and send reactions during meetings

  • Teams devices connected to the network via ethernet will dynamically update location information for emergency calling services based on changes to network attributes including chassis ID and port ID

  • On video phones, choose to change your background during meetings and calls from a select set of images

  • Calling enhancements that improve the usability of touch screens

  • All phone numbers that are part of meeting invites, or from a person’s contact card, can be dialed by selecting them on your screen

  • Directly transfer a call to someone’s work voicemail without needing to ring them

December 8, 2020

Teams app version: 1449/

  • Video features including 3x3 layout support, gallery view and together mode, background blur and spotlight

  • Meeting features including request to speak and ability to view screen sharing on select models of audio phones

  • Proximity join on conference phones

  • Beta release for Sidecars on Audiocodes and Yealink phones

  • Meet now button on phones

  • Policy support for enabling/disabling home screen and syncing phone to computer

  • Support for M365 Government - GCC deployments

October 12, 2020

Teams app version: 1449/

  • Better together feature with meeting support.

  • Bug fix related to authentication after signing in

  • Bug fix related to device automatically signing out after 90 days

August 31, 2020

Teams app version: 1449/

  • Home screen now shows meeting reminders

  • Ability to customize default apps in the phone and the default view in Calls

  • Support for Teams button on specific phone models

  • Enable auto accept with video for pre-scheduled meeting requests

  • Sign-in enhancements with Company Portal application

  • Bug fixes to the Teams application and the Device management admin agent application

If the phone is stuck on the "Verifying a few things" screen, try turning the phone off and on again

June 27, 2020

Teams app version: 1449/

  • Contacts and contact groups management in People

  • Live captions for meetings

  • Raise virtual hand in meetings

  • Transfer directly to speed dial

  • Connect to computer for simultaneous lock/unlock

  • Auto dismiss for call ended and rate my call screens

  • Network banner at top of screen to show network loss

  • Bug fixes to the Teams application and the Device management admin agent application

April 23, 2020

Teams app version: 1449/

  • Favorites (speed dial) added to Calls

  • New settings support on Teams phones for:

    • Custom ringtone

    • Manage Delegates

    • Auto-dial for extension dialing

  • Device management updates to support device categorization in Teams Admin Center

  • Bug fixes to the Teams application and the Company Portal application

February 18, 2020

Teams app version: 1449/

  • Support for dynamic emergency calling on phone lock screen

  • Hot desk feature bug fixes to address network outage scenarios

  • Sign in improvements

  • Device management bug fixes to address firmware version reporting

  • Bug fixes to the Teams application

July 2021

App version: 1449/

  • Calling and meeting video optimizations

  • Connectivity improvements between touch console, meeting room bar, and mobile room remote

  • Access to the dial pad from a remote controller during calls and meetings

  • Ability to send feedback and report a problem from the touch console

June 2021

App version -

  • Simplified sign-in screen

  • IT Admins can do remote provisioning and sign-in of Teams Rooms from the Teams Admin Center

  • Use your phone or a secondary Teams devices as a remote for the Teams Room. Control mic, camera, volume, live captions, and layout settings via the secondary device

  • Select Teams Rooms devices now support projecting your screen via HDMI cable

  • Live captions now available for one-on-one calls

  • Presenters and organizers can select to lock a meeting to prevent anyone else from joining the meeting. Go to More > Lock meeting

  • Hide meeting titles in the calendar on certain Teams Rooms devices

  • IT admins can now enable auto-answer for Teams Rooms when someone starts an instant meeting via Meet now

  • 1080p resolution now supported in outgoing video

April 2021

App version -

Teams Rooms device setup

  • Most Teams Rooms on Android devices are compatible with a touch console (e.g. Poly TC8). When paired with a Teams Rooms system, the console will let you see the room calendar, join meetings, and place calls directly from the console. During meetings or calls, you will be able to see current meeting participants, add new ones, switch content layouts, raise hands, and more

  • A full-day calendar view will show all scheduled meetings on the system and permit you to join meetings directly from the device. All existing calling and meeting functionality will move to the console and will be arranged along side the calendar

Note: If the touch console is connected, all actionable functionality will move to the console, but the calendar will remain visible on the connected display for quick reference.

  • The following features will be available to you when you sign in with your account (e.g. E5 licenses) into the Teams Rooms on Android systems

  • Start Microsoft Whiteboard and share the whiteboard in the meeting from the Teams Rooms device

  • Start recording during meeting or call

  • Enable background effects (blur background or use an image). This functionality is only available when a touch console isn’t paired

December 2020

App version -

  • Dual screen support. Some select hardware (e.g., Poly Studio X50) that supports dual display configuration can now have a dual display experience with Teams. It is particularly useful in meetings, where meeting participants will be presented on one display and content on the other

  • Meeting gallery supports 9 participants. Now Teams Rooms on Android will show up to 9 participants on the meeting stage

  • New layouts. Together mode and Large gallery layouts are now available under the existing Layout button during meetings. These additional layouts are made to highlight video participants better

  • Spotlight. Teams Rooms on Android will present spotlighted participants as large tiles on the meeting stage similar to content. Only desktop Teams clients are capable of selecting spotlighted participants at this time

  • Request to speak. Muted participants can now request to be unmuted by raising their hand during meetings

  • Auto-answer. Teams Rooms on Android can answer calls or meeting invites automatically. This setting is available to shared configurations only and is located in Admin settings

June 2021

Teams app version: 1449/ 

  • Contact phone numbers created in Outlook will be available in the People section of Teams displays with read-only access

  • During a call, select the active call icon to show more options. Additionally, when a contact has multiple numbers saved, you can choose the number you want to dial from the dropdown list

  • Choose a background for your video calls and meetings from a select set of images in Teams

  • Extending the live captions feature to calls, Teams can now detect what's said in a call and present real-time captions in one-on-one calls

  • On Android devices, presenters can now control participants’ camera and mic. Participants no longer need to use Raise hand to request to be unmuted

  • New wallpaper images to choose from

  • Bug fixes related to authentication

March 2021

Teams app version: 1449/ 

  • Sign in from any browser or smartphone with a device code. Or choose to sign in from the device with a username and password directly on the device

  • Call controls are now docked at the bottom of the screen. You can also switch between gallery and together mode views and send reactions during meetings

  • Producer, presenter, and attendee can now join live events as attendees on Teams displays. Producer and presenter can join the live event through the Join button in the calendar, and everyone else can join through the attendee link shared in a Teams channel, chat, or in the invite’s details tab

  • Choose to change your background during meetings or calls from a select set of images

  • All phone numbers that are a part of a meeting invite or a person’s contact card can be dialed directly by tapping on them

  • Directly transfer a call to someone’s work voicemail without needing to ring them

  • Zero calendar events page will be displayed for days with no meetings

  • Dots on dates will be displayed for days that have meetings

  • Send reactions from the ambient screen

  • Suggested replies to messages from ambient screen

  • Call someone back from the ambient screen after you miss their call

  • Indicator of important and urgent messages on ambient screen

  • Notification badges on the home icon to indicate that there are new notifications coming in when in another app on the device

  • Sent messages will be displayed in your notifications

  • Set quiet hours for notifications

  • Ask Cortana and get answers to questions about topics such as current weather, calculations, currency conversions, language translations, and time conversions

  • Cortana voice support expanded to new English locales: United Kingdom, Canada, India, and Australia. Use your voice to join meetings, make phone calls, send messages, and check your schedule

August 2021

App version: 1449/

  • Teams Extensibility/Line of Business (LOB) app support to tailor Teams panels experience

  • IT Admins can do remote provisioning and remote sign in of Teams panels from the Teams Admin Center

  • Hide meeting names for sensitive spaces. This setting is off by default (Show meeting names setting is on). The tenant admin can enable it through Settings > Device settings > Admin Settings > Panels App Settings > Meetings > Show meeting names. When meeting names are turned off, the meeting name will be replaced with the meeting organizer's name

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