This article compares the features of Analytical Accounting and of Multidimensional Analysis in Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Analytical Accounting

Multidimensional Analysis

Unlimited transaction dimensions are available.

Unlimited analysis groups are available.

You can define a hierarchy among dimensions to stop user errors and to save user entry time. The hierarchy makes it easy to view the business structure.

Not available

The following dimension types are available: Alphanumeric, Numeric, Yes/No, and Date.

The following group types are available: Alphanumeric and Quantities.

You can attach numeric codes to units of measure.

Not available

Unlimited codes are available.

Unlimited analysis codes are available.

Codes have a 100-character description.

Analysis codes have a 50-character description.

You can define relationships between dimensions to stop user errors and to save user entry time. This means that you have less information to enter because the codes can be assigned automatically through the hierarchy.

Not available

You can assign codes to user-defined trees for reporting.

Not available

Sales analysis, purchase analysis, and inventory analysis occur automatically.

Not available

You can create analysis classes so that you can assign an analysis class to multiple general ledger accounts at the same time.

After you create an analysis class, you can assign the analysis class to only one general ledger account at a time.

You can create unlimited trees so that data can be reported in any way.

Not available

You can export general ledger financial information to Microsoft Office Excel.

Limited reports are available in Report Writer

Analytical Accounting contains wizards that you can use to create and to save unlimited queries.

Not available

Analytical Accounting lets you perform journal inquiries.

Not available

Analytical Accounting allows for full error reporting.

Not available

Analytical Accounting offers a validation option before you post transactions.

Not available

The Analysis Entry window opens automatically. This window lets you to access all the distribution lines in one window.

You have to open the Analysis Entry window manually for each account.

Multicurrency entry is available.

Not available

You can use the Transaction Entry window to analyze transactions by percentage or by amount.

You can use the Transaction Entry window to analyze transactions only by amount. During analysis code setup, you can set up a percentage split between codes.

Budgeting is available.

Not available

You can use Microsoft FRx together with Analytical Accounting.

You can use Microsoft FRx together with Multidimensional Analysis.

You can restrict access by user.

Not available

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