When you use eConnect in Microsoft Dynamics GP, you receive the following error message:

Error Number = 9469 Stored Procedure taAnalyticsDistribution Error Description = Cannot find a distribution amount based on input value.

This problem occurs if the following conditions are true:

• You are using eConnect together with a bank transaction in Analytical Accounting in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
• You use the DistSequence element in the taAnalyticsDistribution node when you process a bank transaction.


This problem occurs because the taBRBankTransactionDist node does not have a distribution sequence. Bank transactions are posted as soon as they are entered. Therefore, you cannot use the DistSequence value in the taAnalyticsDistribution node.


To resolve this problem, you must map the account number (ACTNUMST) when you use eConnect to obtain Analytical Accounting information about a bank transaction.

Note The same account number cannot be used multiple times in the document.

The following sample XML document displays nodes and elements. These nodes and these elements are required for the Analytical Accounting information to be integrated successfully with a bank transaction.

Note In this sample XML document, account 000-1120-00 is the default cash account in the checkbook. Account 000-1103-00 is the offset account. <eConnect> <BRBankTransactionType> <taBRBankTransactionDist_Items> <taBRBankTransactionDist> <Option>1</Option> <ACTNUMST>000-1103-00</ACTNUMST> <DEBITAMT>31.72</DEBITAMT> <CRDTAMNT>0</CRDTAMNT> <DistRef>Dist Ref 2</DistRef> </taBRBankTransactionDist> </taBRBankTransactionDist_Items> <taAnalyticsDistribution_Items> <taAnalyticsDistribution> <DOCNMBR>MIKE0008</DOCNMBR> <DOCTYPE>3</DOCTYPE> <NOTETEXT>This is an AA test</NOTETEXT> <DistRef>New Schema Type for AA</DistRef> <AMOUNT>31.72</AMOUNT> <aaTrxDim>CCTR</aaTrxDim> <aaTrxDimCode>CC01</aaTrxDimCode> </taAnalyticsDistribution> <taAnalyticsDistribution> <DOCNMBR>MIKE0008</DOCNMBR> <DOCTYPE>3</DOCTYPE> <NOTETEXT>This is an AA test</NOTETEXT> <DistRef>New Schema Type for AA</DistRef> <AMOUNT>31.72</AMOUNT> <aaTrxDim>CCTR</aaTrxDim> <aaTrxDimCode>CC01</aaTrxDimCode> </taAnalyticsDistribution> </taAnalyticsDistribution_Items> <taBRBankTransactionHeader> <Option>1</Option> <CMTrxType>3</CMTrxType> <TRXDATE>4/14/2007</TRXDATE> <CHEKBKID>FLEX BENEFITS</CHEKBKID> <CMTrxNum>MIKE0008</CMTrxNum> <paidtorcvdfrom>Paid To</paidtorcvdfrom> <DSCRIPTN>Description</DSCRIPTN> <TRXAMNT>31.72</TRXAMNT> <USERID>sa</USERID> <DistRef>Dist Ref 1</DistRef> </taBRBankTransactionHeader> </BRBankTransactionType> </eConnect>

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