Freestyle Script lives up to its name: it is an informal handwriting typeface with a certain exuberant freedom in its style. Although it is in a cursive style, the letters are not actually connected. It can give a breezy feel to invitations, greeting cards, and very informal correspondence. Freestyle Script looks as though it was written with a narrow brush or a felt-tip pen; its strokes are even and moderately thick, though not heavy. It shows itself off best at large sizes. Unlike many cursive typefaces, Freestyle Script is readable when set all in capital letters.

Type designer Martin Wait designed Freestyle Script originally for Letraset, then for the International Typeface Corporation (ITC), in 1981 and 1986, and later adapted as a computer typeface. Only one weight is available, and as it is already a script-style typeface, there is no italic style.

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