Many of the topics our customers contact us for assistance with are available on the Microsoft HealthVault help site, located here:  Note that you do not need to sign into Microsoft HealthVault to access these help topics.

Once you access this page, you have two options; you can either choose HealthVault Help or HealthVault Connection Center Help.  HealthVault help is for questions about whereas HealthVault Connection Center Help is for questions about connection devices or uploading data to your HealthVault account.

Once you click on either link, you have two ways to locate information, by selecting from a list of topics or by entering a topic in the search box.As an example of topic selection, let’s select Microsoft HealthVault Connection center from the Help Home page which brings up a list of topics that we can choose from.  For our example, let’s choose “Adding Devices”.  You can see from the screenshot below that there are two subtopics that address adding devices, “What devices work with connection center” and “Adding a device”.  You can then expand each of these to learn more about the topic.

As an example of searching for topics, let’s search in Microsoft HealthVault Help for the term “Print”, which brings up topics related to the printing feature.  If we choose the help topic Health Information, we will see that one of the subtopics is called “Can I print information from HealthVault”. Additionally, you will note a topic called “Can I graph my information in HealthVault?”, which when expanded provides steps on how you can graph your Health information.  Also note that there is a link to a video that you can view on how to chart or export your Health information.  (Please see the screenshot below for an example of a Help Topic Search). 

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If these help topics do not address your concerns, or you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact HealthVault support and we will be happy to assist you.

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