This article discusses the procedure to find the port an instance of Analysis services is currently running on and the procedure to change the port when required.

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How to determine the port SSAS is running: You can use one of the following two procedures to determine the port a SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) instance is listening on:

Procedure 1:

  1. Open Task Manager and get the Process Id (PID) for msmdsrv.exe.

  2. Open command Prompt type netstat /abo >>c:\output.txt .

  3. Look for the PID in output file and corresponding TCP IP:Port information for same PID.

  4. To confirm whether you got right Port number, Open Management Studio and connect to AS using IP Address:Port Number (For example:

Procedure 2:

Another way to get the port number for a SSAS instance is to look at the following file:

%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Shared\ASConfig\msmdredir.ini

This file will have information about all the named instances and the current port each of them is listening on. The file will have entries that are similar to the following:


Note: The SQL Server Browser service records the port number on which each named instance is running on the computer in the Msmdredir.ini file (it records this the first time a user attempts to connect to the named instance, not when the named instance starts) and uses this information to direct client requests to connect to the named instance to the appropriate TCP port. To work properly, the SQL Server Browser service must run under a security account that has local administrator rights, such as the local system account. If a named instance is installed, the SQL Server Browser service is, by default, configured to start automatically.

For additional information you can refer to the following topic on Microsoft TechNet:
   SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS) Server Properties

How to change Port for SSAS Service (SSAS 2005 & SSAS 2008):

Non-clustered environment (Default Instance or Named Instance)

You can configure a named instance to run under a specified port by changing the Port property for the Analysis Services instance to a specified value by using SQL Server Management Studio (this is an advanced property) or by editing the Port server property (<Port>0</Port>) in Msmdsrv.ini file directly (in the ../OLAP/Config folder). A value of zero (the default value) means that Analysis Services dynamically assigns the port at startup

Note: To ensure that the new port information for the instance is relayed by the SQL Browser services to the client applications that are connecting to this instance ensure that the InstanceVisible property for the instance is set to 1. Otherwise you may experience connectivity issues from your client applications.

Clustered environment (Default Instance or Named Instance)

SSAS will start listening on all Public IP addresses of the cluster group using the default port (2383). Any alternate port configuration is ignored. 


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