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This article helps you troubleshoot and resolve error message that repeatedly prompts user to update in Viva Sales add-in for Outlook.

Who is affected? 

Client App

Viva Sales Outlook Add-In


Web and desktop clients


Windows and Mac


User managed and admin managed


Dynamics 365 and Salesforce


All users


When opening the Viva Sales pane in Microsoft Outlook, the An update to this add-in is available that requires your review and confirmation to install error is displayed.

When you select Update, the behavior depends based on whether you're using the Outlook on the web or desktop app.

Screenshot showing add-in error in Viva Sales for Microsoft Outlook.

If you're using Outlook on the web, a new browser window is launched, and you're navigated to the Viva Sales for Microsoft Outlook screen on the Add-Ins for Outlook popup window. You will still see the error message in the new browser window. However, on the original browser window, you can temporarily use Viva Sales until the page is refreshed, and you'll see the original error message.

If you're using the Outlook desktop app, you'll see a subsequent error message indicating that the add-in is currently upgrading. When you close the Viva Sales pane and reopen it, Viva Sales will temporarily work until you close or reopen Outlook, and the error re-occurs.

Screenshot showing add-in error in Outlook desktop app.

Root cause and resolution

Issue 1: Permission changes in the new Viva Sales add-in for Outlook

Root cause

Certain permission changes will require explicit administrator consent or reinstallation of the Viva Sales Outlook add-in. These permission changes are always tied to a recent update to the Viva Sales Outlook add-in. You can check when the latest update has occurred to the Viva Sales Outlook add-in on the corresponding App Source Details page. If you see a recent update to the Viva Sales Outlook add-in, it is very likely that the error is tied to corresponding permission changes tied to the update.


The first step is to identify if the Viva Sales Outlook add-in is admin-managed or user-managed. You can take the resolution steps accordingly. 

  1. Open Outlook (web or desktop).

  2. Select Get Add-Ins on the Home tab in the ribbon.

  3. In the Add-Ins for Outlookwindow, check if the Viva Sales for Microsoft Outlook add-in is listed under the Admin-managed section.

    ​​​​​​​ Screenshot showing admin managed add-in.

  4. If the add-in is listed under the Admin-managed section, ask your tenant administrator to follow these steps:

    1. In the Microsoft 365 admin center, select Settings > Integrated apps.

    2. On the Integrated apps page, select the Viva Sales app.

      The Microsoft Viva Sales panel opens. 

      1. If the Update button is available, select it, and follow the prompts to update the add-in.

      2. If the Update button is not available, go to the Configuration tab, select Viva Sales for Microsoft Outlook, and then select Remove. Once done, reinstall the Viva Sales add-in for Microsoft Outlook. More information: Install Viva Sales

  5. If the add-in is not listed under the Admin-managed section, uninstall the add-in from the My add-ins section, and reinstall it.

    Note: It can take up to 24 hours for the changes to take affect for the end users when deployed through the admin managed flow.

Is your issue still not resolved? 

Visit the Viva Sales - Microsoft Community Hubto engage with our experts.  

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