When you try to sign in to Microsoft Flow, you receive an "Authentication Failed" error message that resembles the following screen shot.

The URL in the message might resemble the following:

This URL indicates that your tenant is affected by this issue.


This issue occurs when the last Flow license (or Office license that includes Flow) expires in your tenant. In this situation, the Flow service is disabled in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

Although this behavior is appropriate for most applications, it also blocks access to Flow if a relevant license exists in the tenant, even though Flow can be used for free without a license. 

Flow is now excluded from the list of applications for which access is automatically disabled because of an expired license. However, tenants that were already disabled aren't reverted to a non-disabled state. In such cases, access to Flow remains blocked.


To resolve this problem, follow these steps.

Note These steps can be performed only by the tenant administrator. 

  1. Open the Azure portal (, and sign in.

  2. In the navigation bar, open Azure Active Directory Settings.

    Azure Active Directory Settings icon in the left side

  3. Navigate to Enterprise applications > All applications.

    Enterprise applications and All applications in AAD settings

  4. Paste 7df0a125-d3be-4c96-aa54-591f83ff541c into the filter input.

    Note This is the application ID for the Flow service. You may have to select All applications in the Show list. 

    Paste 7df0a125-d3be-4c96-aa54-591f83ff541c into the filter input

  5. Select Microsoft Flow Service, and then select Properties.

  6. Make sure that the Enabled for users to sign-in? option is set to Yes

    The Enabled for users to sign-in field shows Yes

  7. Click Save.

All users should now be able to sign in to the Flow portal again.

More information

For more information, or to contact the Flow team about issues regarding these steps, see the following Flow Team Blog article:

Known Issue: Login Troubles

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