Edit movies in Movie Maker

Make your movie look the way you want it to with the editing tools in Movie Maker.

Trim your video

You can trim the beginning and end of a video so your movie shows only the part of the video you want. For example, if you have a video with a few black frames at the beginning, you could trim the beginning of the video so the black frames don't appear in your final saved movie.

When you trim a video file in Movie Maker, the original video file isn't affected. All the video footage remains in the original video file. 
To trim a video in Movie Maker
To clear any new start and end points in Movie Maker so the whole video plays

Split a video

You can split a video into two smaller items and then continue editing. For example, after splitting a video, you can move one video in front of the other to change the order in which the videos play in your movie.

To split a video into two items

  1. Select your movie, and then drag the playback indicator to the point where you want to split the video.
  2. Under Video Tools, on the Edit tab, in the Editing group, select Split

Speed up or slow down a video

You can change the speed of your video in Movie Maker to make the it play faster or slower.

Select the video, and under Video Tools, on the Edit tab, in the Adjust group, select the Speed list, and then select a speed (depending on how much you want to speed the video up or slow it down).

Choose a theme

A Movie Maker AutoMovie theme will automatically add titles, credits, transitions, and effects to your movie. Preview the AutoMovie themes by pointing to each one with your cursor.

Once you've added the photos, videos, and music you want to use to MovieMaker, on the Home tab, in the AutoMovie themes group, select the theme that works best for your movie. You can continue editing, or just save your movie.


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